MCFC Australia Relaunch

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Blue-RooMCFC Australia relaunches in November 2014, 11 years since its inception. The new website is designed to connect fans both online and offline to other blues in Australia.

How times have changed

When MCFC Australia was originally created when the likes of Australian Danny Tiatto were playing their trade for City at Maine Road. Fast forward 11 years and the club has seen significant change on and off the field with the investment of Sheikh Mansour. From the Shaun Goaters of the world, to the Sergio Agueros, Manchester City FC still remains somewhat on a roller coaster ride, but it’s going 3 times the speed.

There has never been a better time to be a blue.

Let’s be honest, there has never been a better time to be a blue. The typical city tag has been put to rest, we had the most dramatic win to the premier league trophy and on most Saturday nights we get to watch football at its finest with David Silva and co.

If you’re a blue from any walk of life, then I recommend you get down to your local supporters club and share the journey with like minded fans.


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Author: Adam McKnight

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