Getting Tickets


If you are looking for tickets for a Manchester City FC game then you can try the following:

The Club

You can purchase tickets from the club. If you are a Cityzen member you will get priority access to tickets.


Your Local Supporters Club

Become a member of your local supporters club and you can receive priority tickets to the big games. Contact the president of the supporters group to find out more on joining.



If you are a Cityzen member you can purchase tickets from other supporters who can’t make it to the game.


Bluemoon-MCFC Forum

You can organise a ticket via the Bluemoon-MCFC forum for both home and away games. Please beware to do your own research on who is selling and make sure you are comfortable with the arrangement.


Official Tickets & Hotel Packages

An allocation of tickets are reserved for sponsored travel partners. If you are desperately trying to find a ticket then you may be able to get one here with a room for the night.


Hospitality packages

In some circumstances in which the club have sold out of all their ticket allocation you may find some tickets via the hospitality section.


Go to the ground

On the odd occasion you may just not be able to find a ticket. The last resort is going to the ground and seeing if anyone has a spare. Beware that prices might be far more then the regular price.