About Us

The Story of MCFC Australia

MCFC Australia was formed in 2003 by Adam McKnight who wanted to bring supporters of Manchester City FC together in Australia. After years offline and a lot of change in the club we relaunched in November, 2014.

Our mission is connecting fans to each other in various locations in Australia, both online and in person. So if you are a fan or newly interested in Man City then make sure to check out the supporter club pages

Manchester City FC has 3 official supporters clubs in Australia which are Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. There is an unofficial supporters clubs in Sydney. These supporter clubs allow an environment in which fans can go and watch matches together with other blues afar. Check out each of the supporters clubs websites & facebook page for the latest information on events.We also provide detailed information for those visiting Manchester and information on how to get tickets for the big game.

If you have any questions or feedback you can contact us here.


How it started…


Blue Roo

Blue Roo is the official mascot of MCFC Australia